in July 2016 as a sole-proprietorship provide land use 
planning services.    

Thorstone Consulting Services is now operating as a professional planning consultant based out of Sutton, Ontario. Our team is committed to providing expert planning advice and recommendations on all types of planning applications for our client's needs. Thorstone Consulting is a registered member of the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), Ontario Professional Planning Institute (OPPI), Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD),and the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO). 

Thorstone Consulting Services has established a strong working relationship with many of the municipalities located within and around the Greater Toronto Area. Our team has experience in sustainable development, land use planning and municipal economic development, with experience on projects such as Downtown Revitalization's, Community Improvement Plans, Planning Act applications and approval process, and the application of Green Standards in various municipalities.

The name Thorstone stems from Dan's Icelandic heritage and pays homage to his ancestors.  Dan's great grandfather, Jon Thorsteinson immigrated to the Gimli area of Manitoba in 1886 when the family name was anglicized and shortened to Stone.  Borrowed from the Thor of ancient Norse mythology,  the name means "The son of a Stone of Thor".

The background image on this page is Dan's Grade 6 assignment showing his early fascination and love for community design and land use planning.

Thorstone Consulting Services

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