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Dan has shaped Thorstone Consulting to focus on delivering land use planning expertise for private sector clients and land owners across the GTA, Simcoe County, and beyond.  Thorstone's strengths are in policy development, land use planning and development review/approvals.
Thorstone Consulting Services has extensive experience in planning and development approval process and has a solid understanding of the regulatory requirements for Planning Act applications and the land development approval process.
Below you can find links to a selected list of projects or clients which Thorstone has worked for or on.
Thorstone has developed a proprietary excel-based tracking and monitoring tool for the tracking of development projects and budgets.  The PMT (Project Management Tool) is designed to assist your project with the overall costs from the planning approvals through to development and permits.  The PMT is linked to a project timeline and can also help to create up-front costs for all of the necessary consultants and disciplines involved in your project.

Thorstone is supported by a variety of experienced associate consulting firms in disciplines such as civil engineering, environment and natural heritage, urban design and architecture.


Thorstone can assemble the right of team of professionals to help your project move from a concept to a reality.   

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